Why you should put your great idea to work now!

Every small business owner must have had this running through the head at some point in their entrepreneurial journey, especially in the beginning stages.

Will I be able to compete with the box boxes?

How will I talk anybody into putting money into this?

And then there are those extreme moments of self-doubt seizures: Am I crazy?

This said, here are some stunning statistics that makes small time business owners and startups worthy of a round of applause:

1. Small businesses have generated about 65% of the jobs in the US market since 1995.

2. Approximately 543000 new businesses get started each month

3. Over half of the United States' economy is create by about 40% of small business owners.

In the case of dominant emerging markets like India, the story is even more inspiring.

With the emphasis by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 'Make in India' initiative, the entreprenurarial spirit of the country has received a new leash of life.

According to IBNLive, India's eCommerce market grew by 88 percent in 2013 to USD $16 billion.

Indians have also been extraordinarily successful in countries outside their own. From carrying footprints of a home-grown business around the world, to starting innovative businesses to help the resident country as well as their own, business owners have shown how it is it done.

We also have fantastic success stories where long-time NRIs come back home to start very unique and nimble businesses tailored to emerging markets that proves to be a runaway hit. According to New Indian Express, India is all set to lead the Global Sharing Economy in 2016.

Event like "Start Up India, Stand Up India", by the Government of India, only go to prove that the journey is far from over.

If you have a great idea, there never has been a better time!

The author is the founder of Kidskintha, a website for parents and educators dedicated to creating happy childhoods. She believes that happy children grow around happy adults.