Why You Should Say 'No' To The Dress

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by Jen Glantz, BRIDES

Photo: Courtesy of CNP Montrose

Finding the right wedding dress is much like finding love. You spend a lot of time exploring options, until ultimately, you find one that just seems to fit every part of you perfectly. It makes your heart race, palms clammy, eyes watery -- so you're sure this is it. But before you say "yes" to the dress, here are six important things to keep in mind.

1. Will it Be Here In Time?

If you spot a dress you like, be sure to find out how long it will take the designer to make it or how long it will take the store to ship to you. If your wedding is in a couple of months, you may be cutting it too close.

2. Can You Get Low?

Be sure to slip yourself into a dress that you can move in without feeling like you can't breath and it's going to rip. Remember, a wedding isn't a fashion show. It's a chance for you to boogie on the dance floor with your favorite people.

3. Are the Butterflies in Your Tummy Saying Something?

You may find a dress that makes your heart race, but if you're still not 100% sure it's the one it's okay to put it aside and keep looking. Listen to your heart and don't settle.

4. Is it Going to Cost You?

Don't ignore your budget! If the dress of your dreams is going to empty your savings account, is it really worth it? Ask yourself what it is you love about that dress and see if you can find it for less expensive or made by a different designer.

5. Can You Get it For Less?

Price check the dress at a couple of different stores in different states. Sometimes you can find a dress online for 25% less than what you can find it in a store. Do some homework before handing over your credit card.

6. Is it What You Want?

Are there too many cooks in the kitchen, or in the dress room for that matter, telling you what dress you should like? If so, spend some quality time with yourself finding a dress that fits your style and taste.

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