Why You Should Stop Feeling Guilty About Your Crush on Sexy Mug Shot Guy


Ladies, admit it. These baby blues have pierced right through your better judgment and into your soul, and for just a mere moment, you closed your eyes, leaned back in your desk chair, and imagined what that conjugal visit would be like. Or perhaps that was just me. Either way, the mug shot of Jeremy Meeks, a convicted felon being held on a $900,000 bond for what authorities have dubbed "street terrorism", has been dominating newsfeeds worldwide. Mayhem ensues on all sides, as the Internet reacts to the most talked about mug shot in recent history:

Sassy broads everywhere are coming out of the woodwork to proclaim their belief that there is absolutely no way someone this gorgeous could have possibly committed the crimes for which he was arrested. Men with bruised egos are posting photos of Meeks posing with other men, questioning his sexuality. There are even Kickstarter campaigns to fund his near-million dollar bail. But my favorite phenomenon of them all are the folks in shock and awe at the hormone-driven responses, shaking their heads at the very idea of someone getting a pass because they're one of the pretty ones.

You see, I have to laugh at the fact that people are surprised; this is nothing new. And this is a light instance of overlooking evil because of the package it came in.

Don't you remember when...

... Scarlett Johansson turned her back on Oxfam, an umbrella company of a number of anti-poverty organizations, so she could be the spokesperson for Tel Aviv-based company, SodaStream? Since her role at the charity conflicted directly with the way in which SodaStream operated, Johansson ditched the charity and shot a few never-seen commercials for the beverage company, Some folks carry guns in their trunks, others turn their back on charities for more profitable ventures.

... Rick James held a woman hostage because she stole his drugs? For six days, the Superfreak allegedly burnt, raped and tortured her -- yet when you think of him, you chuckle at the endearing Dave Chappelle version, b*tches. He served some time for other charges, but never went down for torture -- a conviction which would have rendered a life sentence.

... women continued to throw themselves at Ted Bundy even after he was convicted of killing dozens of them? Always the ladies man, Handsome Ted's dance card remained full even behind bars, sparking numerous romances with lovers on the outside as he awaited his trip to sit in Ol' Sparky.

In 2014, how is it possible for so many people to be shocked and appalled this gorgeous felon would elicit such widespread support? Here's a hot tip: we're shallow. Every single one of us is shallow, just to varying degrees. A gorgeous man brushes passed me on the train and I swoon; a sweaty, less-gorgeous human could do the same thing and I dry heave. At one point or another, every single one of us has been guilty of being on at least one side of this coin. This is not breaking news.

So to the women who have made this delicious criminal their screensaver, ignore the naysayers and enjoy that face until you don't anymore. Don't feel bad for committing the very same crimes against morality we have all been guilty of at one point in our lives. And who knows, perhaps he's just a guy who needs a break for once in life and this perfectly-lit mug shot is exactly that.