Why YOU Should Vote Now… And Always!

The system is rigged. We keep hearing that this election cycle. And it’s true. And one of the principal ways the system is rigged is in favor of those who vote. The bottom line for any politician is about getting elected and re-elected. It is the nature of the system -– constantly getting elected. You may think, or have been led to believe, that it’s all about big money. In many ways it is; however, on a fundamental level, if they don’t get the votes, they don’t get elected. Therefore, the voters are the ones who have the most power and, make no mistake, it matters WHO that vote is coming from.

You see, voting is so much more than one candidate or one ballot initiative. Voter turnout is crucial to determining and shaping the way campaigns are run, which candidates decide to run, and what communities politicians choose to listen to and what issues they take seriously. If you don’t represent your demographic, then our leaders will not care about YOU and YOUR community.

The more millennials who vote, the more they will care about your issues.

The more women who vote, the more they will care about your issues.

The more conservatives who vote, the more they will care about your issues.

You get the idea…I hope.

Maybe you don’t like the particular choices, and because of that, you choose to sit out. I’m sorry, but I have no empathy for you. That is shortsighted. Sure, no matter which way you vote, you may not like the particular outcome THIS TIME. But if you don’t represent, then there is less chance that the ones who do get elected will listen to or even be aware of issues that affect you. If you don’t vote, you allow yourself and those like you to be disenfranchised. By casting a vote for the best of the candidates in your mind and heart, you are giving your community a voice and a stake in future outcomes.

Let me leave you with this thought: If someone has died for your right to vote, then you better get to the polls! By the way, that is EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN. You learned about the American Revolution, right? The 15th Amendment? Women’s suffrage? There have been generations of Americans who have fought, marched, and died for the right to vote. I personally could not face any woman prior to 1920 and tell her that I just didn’t have time or didn’t like my choices so I decided not to vote. That is how vital of a right this is and perhaps we need to stop taking it for granted and remember how much it meant to those who didn’t have the choice to stay home. So I ask you all to please take the same amount of time you spend researching the newest iPhone or chiming in on the breakup of Brangelina and look up your local polling places and times...do a quick Google search on the candidates and ballot initiatives, and make the choice that you think is best for our country and for our future. It will take less time than watching one episode of Game of Thrones or one football game. I think those who have fought and died for this essential right deserve YOU to make that effort. Your vote matters. If you’re truly looking for a revolution or a movement, it is not about a single person, ideology, or party. It’s about the vote. It’s about you…it’s about us…it’s about being heard and continuing the American dream to perfect our Union. And we can’t do it without YOUR vote.

Follow this link to find out how to register: https://vote.gov/?1.