Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid to Fail

I will not give up. I can do this. Failure is not an option!

How many times have you said these words to yourself?

I feel that sometimes these words can keep us from going absolutely crazy and falling in a deep depression but at the same time, they prevent us from learning the greatest lessons of all – that it is absolutely OK to fail and that there is nothing wrong with failure. Actually, when you think about it, in life, the chances of failure are much bigger than making it big. But not just that! Failure gives us the unique opportunity to liberate ourselves from the false expectations put by our society and finally start living life on our own terms.

So, next time when you hear the knock of failure on your door, just remember:

1. Everyone fails at one point on another and neither success nor failure are ever final. If you perceive failure as the ultimate truth then you are destined to fall in a trap with no way out, but, if you try to understand failure as a momentary situation that will bring you to the greatest lesson of your life, then you will understand that the trap is just an illusion and you are actually on your way to experiencing freedom for the very first time in your life.

2. Failure makes you understand the true meaning of success. When you feel that fall and your dreams and plans are crumbling, just remember that this whole situation is just a chance for a fresh start. Why spend your energy on something that is not bringing success just because the society tells you not to give up? I am saying: give up, give yourself a fresh start and use the lessons of your failure to create something that is worth investing your energy in.

3. Failure gives you the opportunity to live life on your terms. Once you fail you will realize that there is no such thing as one size that fits all. You will start creating your own definitions of success and no longer depend on what society tells you that success is. You will also recognize the true priorities in your life and eventually will accept that the success or failure of your ideas or your business do not define you as a person.

4. Failure helps you identify the people that truly care about you. When you smell of success, all kinds of people try to attach themselves to you and most of them will disappear the second you start stinking of failure. Just imagine failure as the spring cleaning of your life. Once you are done cleaning, you will be surrounded by people that truly appreciate you and will help you see the sun in times when all you see is darkness.

5. Failure will show you how strong you really are. You think that not giving up shows your strength? You are wrong! The ultimate show of strength comes in times of great darkness. If you manage to get yourself up in the moments of your greatest failure, then you will definitely have the strength to not just rebuild your dreams but also understand that failure does not make you weak, on the contrary, it makes you stronger.

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