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19 Reasons You Really Shouldn't Wear White After Labor Day

Stop trying to make white after Labor Day happen! It's not going to happen.

Why can’t you wear white after Labor Day?

Turns out, there are oh-so-many reasons you should pack away your crisp white linens in favor of dark and moody knits and flannels once the Labor Day sales wrap and your weekend getaway comes to an end.

That’s why we’ve pulled together an exhaustive list of reasons you really, really shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day if you have any hope of looking trendy this fall and winter. Take a look below, and sign up for our Full Carts, Can’t Lose email to stay on top of the best sales each week.

White is too cool and lightweight to wear after summer.
See how chilly she looks? Shop it here.
And, it's next to impossible to make whites look effortless.
And honestly, who wants to look this flawless during those transitional days between summer and fall??
Not us, that's who. Shop it here.
Don't even get us started on white trench coats.
And those luxurious, oversized sweaters in dreamy, creamy knits? Hard pass.
Plus, white clothing is so simple and basic looking.
And don't forget, whites don't really show much ~personality~
And it can be hard to dress up for professional occasions.
White denim? Talk about outdated.
Plus, whites always look worn and wrinkled.
And, white never matches anything in your closet, you know?
It's hard to find fun white wardrobe staples you can wear all year long.
Anyway, you can never find white coats that actually look cute.
Plus, white isn't exactly work appropriate.
And white doesn't really have many options for patterns.
Plus, ugh, white is SO hard to keep clean.
Doesn't her breathable-cotton, machine-washable shirt look nearly impossible to clean?? Shop it here.
And, honestly, how do you make white ~fun~ to wear?
Whites never really look casual, either.
And, boy, white is just not stylish these days.

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