Why Your Business Should Embrace Video Content

In today's digital world, video marketing is the most effective way to promote a business. With information transmission being instantaneous to anywhere on the planet, there’s no justification for only relying on word-of-mouth or traditional marketing methods anymore. By investing in digital mediums now, you are setting yourself up for cost effective marketing for many years to come.

How Effective is Video Marketing?

Of all the digital marketing tools out there, videos are the most effective when it comes to engagement and relaying important information about your product or service. Statistically consumers absorb 95% of the information conveyed in a video, compared with just 10% when presented in written form.

If you consider that about a third of the time spent online is used to watch videos, there’s a lot of potential to promote your business with minimal effort. In addition, videos allow you to combine various mediums together in one package, stimulating both visual and auditory senses simultaneously.

A popular and cheap production method is to incorporate bold on-screen text combined with either animations or real time video and music. This supports various learning styles that allow anyone, regardless of educational background or attention span, to access vital information quickly an easily. By doing this people are better able to associate the information with sounds, colors and images when trying to recall your brand later on.

Article videos are the current trend and consist of two to five minute long videos that provide the maximum ratio of information exposure to absorption. The beauty of this approach is that they are designed for social media, where the sharing of content is encouraged, so you’re getting free advertising without the need to monitor anything but your increase in sales and traffic. And what's more... they're super easy to make.

What Are the Best Platforms?

Because videos are in digital form, they are incredibly versatile when it comes to distribution. Within the next year it’s predicted that over two billion people will own a smart phone. Add to this over one billion YouTube users (watching 500 million hours of footage each day) and countless tablets, and you’ve got the potential to reach anybody in the world.

According to Creativa Videos, a company which provides video production in Melbourne, “As the world becomes more digitized and automated, people are becoming more hungry for emotion, storytelling, voice and values. Video brings high-tech progress together with an old-fashioned human touch.” In short, by incorporating video marketing into your business plan – and using it to tell a story about your brand – you will open up your business to a massive potential client pool.

The Future of Digital Marketing

The use of digital mediums will continue to grow, so creating marketing videos is certainly a sound investment for the future of your business. Within two years – by 2019 – statistics project an 11% increase in global online video traffic bringing it up to approximately 80%.

So if you're running a business and are yet to incorporate videos into your marketing plan, it's time to reassess your strategy. With all these developments on the horizon, it would be silly not to get involved!

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