Why Your Company's Website Is Useless

For many companies today, there is a big disconnect from what their potential customers buying process is and how their website enables that buying process.

In an age where information can be accessed quicker than ever before, we have to provide our own information in a more concise and clear manner. Where a lot of companies are missing the mark is the failure to answer the right questions and to provide the information that compliments what consumers are seeking. There are many other ways for you to turn off a consumer during their information search. A few of these include...

  • Poor webpage layout
  • Overloaded pages
  • Intrusive/Annoying call-to-actions
  • Communicating like a producer and not a consumer.... etc

Many companies don't realize that they have control over a potential customer's navigation on their website. If you set up your homepage with fewer distractions, you can actually dictate the buying process for new visitors to your site. The idea is to guide their information search towards the most valuable pages on your site. A website can do this by having clear, creative, and eye catching calls to action. If you were an average consumer, what would you like to know about your product/service first? What are its most valuable benefits? Make sure they understand these questions within their first few clicks on your site, minimize distractions that can detour their buying process, and enable their information search instead of making it frustrating.