7 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Wine-Colored Accents

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Here at Dot & Bo, we love a glass of jammy zinfandel or a bold cabernet. In fact, we're so enthralled with the colors swirling around in our glasses that we can't help but want to incorporate wine-colored accents into every room we see.

Burgundies, plums, and rich merlot purples can make a space both intimate and inviting, which is exactly the sort of atmosphere you want when curling up with a glass of wine and a book, or enjoying an evening with friends. Read on for 7 reasons to incorporate these mellow yet bold hues into your own abode.


1. Add a splash of burgundy or purple to an otherwise neutral room for a touch of dramatic flair.

For a look that is both refined and engaging, add a rich plum throw and some berry-hued pillows to an otherwise neutral couch. The accents will pop while still keeping the room's elegance.


2. Lush wine-colored accents help to incorporate one of your favorite things into your decor: wine!

There are few things here at Dot & Bo that we love more than wine (besides decor, of course), and we're assuming you share this passion (because, who doesn't?) Celebrate the most noble of beverages with accents like storage ottomans in Bordeaux red to for a look that is both modern and intriguing. Just don't forget Moroccan inspired wine glasses to unwind and sip in style.


3. Burgundy and plum colors pair well with many different color schemes.

Like a fine red wine, burgundy colors pair well with a variety of palates. Burgundy is considered a power color, so it is often combined with a selection of lighter colors, like pale blue and beige. However, it also stands up to complimentary colors like mustard yellow, and is refined enough to mix well with metallics like gold and silver. Consider adding a wine-colored sofa or chaise lounge to your living room to add a splash of color without overwhelming the rest of the color scheme.


4. Outfitting your bedroom in burgundy can give it a comforting and intimate feel.

Your bedroom should feel both inviting and cozy, and warm colors like plum and aged sumac can work well to achieve this feeling. Lay out a neutral fur rug or fuzzy ottoman for an added element of luxury.


5. Burgundy accents can give a room a romantic look.

Pairing rich colors like burgundy and plum with lighter pinks, corals, and neutral colors can make a space feel intimate and idyllic. Light some candles, grab your favorite book and commune with your room's romantic energy.


6. Funky furniture in bold colors like plum can add a modernist look to any space.

While bright colors like red or dandelion yellow can be shocking when combined with contemporary shapes, plums and burgundies can subtly add a contemporary flair. If you want to add a modern element to a room without making it the entire focus of the space, pick out a unique piece of furniture in a warm color like plum or dark magenta.


7. Elevate the colors already in your space with the addition of a rich plum rug.

A rug that features wine-colored stitching is a good investment for several reasons: it pairs well with many different colors, it adds an element of luxury to a room, and it hides wine stains well (we all spill every now and again, right?).

Why do you love burgundy, plum, and wine accents?
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