Why Your Marketing Sucks: Old School Tricks in a New School World Doesn't Work

By the time they go to school, kids are able to work their way through a piece of technology faster than you can get the wrapper undone. They can message in a single finger swipe without looking at their smartphone. They don't need the news because they're the ones capturing it, then sharing it to their thousands of social media 'friends' in a fraction of a second.

In short, today's youth are faster and smarter than ever before.

So, if you're a business owner watching your money get tipped into the top of the marketing strategy funnel, including SEO, Adwords, Social Media, Blogging, and so on, yet don't see much coming out the other end - then that's proof positive your marketing sucks.

Why's this happening to you? The ever diligent business owner who's willing to spend money to make money? Simple. Because you cannot deploy the same marketing tactics that worked a mere 5 years ago to an audience today and beyond.

"I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news," says David Jenyns, author of the Amazon best-selling book Authority Content, "but you cannot 'set and forget' your marketing with an audience whose attention span is like that of a gold fish; and whose attention is being pitched for from every direction."

Released in August 2016, Authority Content is already being hailed as a marketing breakthrough and an instant classic by industry peers and readers.

David, who created Authority Content by using his own businesses as the virtual guinea pig for nearly a decade, goes on to say that

"We live in a day and age where most communication is highly impersonal and mass produced. People nowadays don't like getting 'pitched' to, they don't like feeling like they're being 'sold' something they don't need - I know I don't. Instead, brands and business owners must create something of value, something helpful, something entertaining. Do this and you'll gain the attention, engagement and trust of your audience."

David then goes on to explain that 'old school' marketing tactics place very little importance on providing true value to their end user,

"even if they don't mean it, those who follow self-serving strategies, offering little value to their clients and prospects, will loose."

"Authority Content revolves solely around the idea of business owners producing information that helps the end user - something that solves a problem, answers a question, and is useful," continues David, "and when you do that, consumers don't just start trusting you, they start to see you as an expert, which means they'll follow your lead."

David, a pioneer in modern day marketing, stresses that it's important to be genuine, "you can't 'game' this strategy. There are no shortcuts, you have to do the work, but the rewards are worth it."

The only problem is, as a business owner, life is pretty hectic already without having to change gears every few years to keep your brand in the frontal lobe of savvy consumers. But there's hope explains David, "once you follow the Authority Content method, you'll see it's a strategy built on fundamentals that has stood the test of time. When you approach marketing with the goal of being helpful, no matter what happens, you remain relevant."

David then goes on to explain why his technique is the most unique and effective marketing strategy available today,

"there are a number of ways to apply Authority Content, as I describe in my book and on my website, and while it's not a push button solution to riches, for those who are will to work at it, it is a proven way to build your brand, sales and credibility."

You can get a copy of Authority Content on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Authority-Content-Simple-Building-Credibility/dp/0646955640/

David Jenyns - Author Authority Content