Why Your Self Esteem Grows Your Business


You might not know it, but your self-esteem might be harming both you and your business So, how do you build your self-esteem and in return, grow your business?

I am not an expert on self-esteem, but I do know that I grew up poor, quit high school before I got my diploma, and there was an awful lot I needed to learn in life. I have definitely faced my own demons when it comes to building my own self-esteem.

The definition of self-esteem:


A person with high self-esteem is confident in their worth and they are confident in their abilities while someone with low self-esteem is not.

So how do you become confident?

We don't even consciously think about our value most of the time. We don't stop and think about why we are feeling what we are feeling. We just feel.

There's a formula that can help you to build self-esteem: CASH. No, not money cash, an acronym.

C = Courage

By demonstrating a bit of courage, you will build your confidence! When you do something that scares the pants off of you, it builds your confidence
A = Aptitude

You can often lack the aptitude or the skill for the thing that it is that you want to do, so you don't even try. If you learn something that you're afraid to do, your self-esteem will improve
S = Self-confidence

Your self-esteem and self-confidence are basically the same thing. When you demonstrate the courage to improve your aptitude in a positive way, you're building your self-confidence. You may think it's the other way around and that you need to build some self-confidence before you have courage and aptitude, but that's rarely the case.

H = Habits

Habits are underrated, but they're super important. Your daily practices are the things you do consistently and those things matter in the long run. Are there any habits you need to change? Some say it takes 21 days to break a habit, but it's really more like 42 days to completely start or stop a practice. The habits you practice every single day will contribute to your self-esteem and that contributes directly to your successes.

Courage, aptitude, self-confidence, and habits build your self-esteem and help you grow your business.

What have you done to help your self-esteem? Leave a comment below.