This A Cappella Medley Is Truly 'Wicked'

It doesn't matter whether or not you're a fan of the musical "Wicked" -- after listening to this medley, you'll feel like you can ... defy gravity.

Simply put, this video from Peter Hollens is an example of a cappella done so, so right.

In an email to The Huffington Post, Hollens discussed why he chose "Wicked" as his current project.

"I've been waiting for the perfect medley and moving parts to finally work on my favorite musical of all time," he wrote. "And Nick Pitera has been waiting for years to do it as well -- we thought working together would be the perfect combination."

And it is. More impressive, though, is that the duo filmed everything in Hollens' studio in his garage. Hollens produced the audio and Pitera made the costumes, while Hollens' video team, Fifgen Films, produced the video.

"Nick and I have been trying to figure out a song to do for over 12 months -- nothing felt right until I came up with the idea of a 'Wicked' medley," wrote Hollens. "Plus, Nick is so perfect for Broadway material, and he has such a phenomenal counter-tenor range."

Though Hollens is quick to credit Pitera, we say they make a truly pitch perfect duo.

Love Hollens' sound, or love a cappella music? He releases videos on his YouTube channel every other Tuesday.



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