New York

Widespread Panic Concert Causes 'Mayhem' In Williamsburg (VIDEO)

A Williamsburg resident was not very pleased after what she calls a "post-concert drug orgy mob nightmare erupt(ed) on North 7th Street" on Saturday following a Widespread Panic show on the Williamsburg Waterfront. Naturally, she took to the Internet to voice her outrage and posted the video below to showcase the aforementioned "drug orgy" that plagued her street.

The woman, Susan Fensten, tells New York Shitty that she called 911 but to no avail:

I had to run in my socks down to the lone cop who was directing the chaotic traffic to please send help because a huge mob had grown around the nitrous oxide balloon sellers. It was total mayhem. Inexplicably firemen were sent to clear the mob. It was a horror show and I was afraid for my safety while filming…

In an open letter to Open Space Alliance, Fensten writes that she has lived in New York her entire life, in some of the worst neighborhoods, but that she had never seen anything like what she witnessed on Saturday.

Concertgoers in the video can be seen huffing nitrous oxide balloons (whip-its? Is that what kids call this?), an activity that has gained some popularity recently and also been the cause of death for some.

What do you think? Is Fensten right when she says Widespread Panic fans caused a "drug mob orgy nightmare?"