Wife Asked Husband For Fenty Highlighter And Got a Pack Of Highlighters, Hairbrush

Charlema Webb's husband thought she meant actual pen-to-paper highlighters.

When a wife asked her husband for a highlighter from Rihanna’s makeup line, Fenty, she was not expecting him to confuse the item with something from the local Staples.

However, that’s exactly what Charlema Webb received. In a now-viral post on her Facebook, Webb regaled her friends with a story that will surely have every woman howling and many men scratching their heads.

For their one-month anniversary, Webb asked her husband, Vincent, for a highlighter that “popped” and a brush to go with it. She specified that she’d prefer Fenty.

On their anniversary date, instead of getting the skin-glowing makeup she asked for, Webb received a pack of Sharpie highlighters and a Goody hairbrush:

Webb’s husband apparently said he couldn’t find Fenty in any drugstores he visited so he settled on Sharpie because “they been around for a cool minute.”

Webb did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment, but according to BuzzFeed, the entire exchange went down like this:

As he was presenting me with the gift he seemed nervous. He said, “Babe, I thought finding you a highlighter would be easy but I went everywhere and could not find the Fenty.” I assured him that I would likely love whatever he purchased. I then pulled out the brush and thought it was something he decided to grab me in addition to what I asked for. I then pulled out the Sharpie highlighters and thought, OMG! At the time, I didn’t say anything because he told me that he had gone to a few drug stores. The next day, I told him and we both laughed ourselves to tears.

And because this is the internet, the story didn’t end there. Fenty got word of the post and shared the hilarity on their Twitter:

The brand even specified that it was working on “getting her the real thing.” We’re glad that Webb will be getting all the highlighters she’ll ever need.

Cheers to the happy couple ― may there be fewer, but just as silly, miscommunications going forward!

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