Deployed Wife Sends Her Love With Sweet And Sentimental Surprise

"Wednesday was always pizza night. I miss my wife."

Anyone who has ever been separated from their loved one can surely relate to that sentiment. A comforting routine suddenly becomes a reminder someone is missing.

In this case, the words were written by Redditor ronswampthing, whose wife is currently deployed. According to his post on Reddit, she has been gone for a few months and won't return until the end of the year. While he too is on active duty, this is the longest they've ever been separated.

So he told told his wife how much Wednesday pizza night meant to him.

"I sent her a message telling her how much I missed doing that with her," he explained on Reddit, "Then Papa John's showed up."

Yes, the Redditor's wife pulled a sweet surprise and ordered him an extra special pizza with chicken, bacon, Roma tomatoes, ranch sauce instead of regular marinara, and of course a love letter written under the lid.

All because it was Wednesday and Wednesday is pizza night.

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