Woman Says She's Obsessed With Proving Her Husband Has Cheated

Sarah says she's convinced her husband of 20 years, Ed, is a liar and a cheater — and she's desperate to prove it. She calls herself a detective because she spends a lot of time looking for clues. In fact, she's taken 72 photos of what she considers evidence, including a broken red fingernail, a footprint on the back of his car seat, and glitter lip gloss residue in his car. She's also taken his laptop into a forensics computer store, inspected his phone, and scrutinized his phone bill.

Ed admits that he's sexted and chatted inappropriately with different women throughout their marriage, including one emotional affair that lasted over two years, but says he's never been physically intimate with anyone. "I've given her every ounce of truth that I can many times over," he says. "She's still very much unsatisfied."

Sarah explains that despite her exhaustive investigations and the proof she's discovered that he's communicated with women, "I've never been able to prove that Ed has physically cheated on me ... It just makes me feel like I'm going crazy."

Can this marriage be saved, and will Sarah ever be able to trust Ed? Should she? Watch the video above, and hear what Dr. Phil has to say here.

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