'Wife Swap': Las Vegas Party Girl Switched With Christian Mother Who Lives Off The Grid (VIDEO)

It was a culture shock for sure during the season premiere of "Wife Swap." Marissa was a big-time party girl from Las Vegas nicknamed Big Juicy. She was switching places with Angela, a Christian minimalist. To say that neither was quite prepared for their new lifestyle would be an understatement. And they didn't seem too excited about the opportunity, either.

"I have never been to Las Vegas. I have a pretty negative connotation," Angela admitted. "Sin City? So, I’m not really excited about that."

Big Juicy was freaking out as well, "No! No! Are you serious?" she asked. "Those people are Amish!"

Well, they weren't Amish, but they did live a minimalist lifestyle with no electricity. It was very rustic and salt of the earth, and Marissa was definitely out of her element. SheKnows noted the struggles of both women, writing, "Angela has no clue what a manny is and Marissa is struggling with killing and eating animals."

Angela was horrified about Marissa's gay friend who also served as their manny, as were her kids when Marissa talked about him. But while Marissa admitted to falling in love with Angela's kids -- she helped them loosen up and have a little fun -- Angela was less receptive to Marissa and her lifestyle. She did agree to let her kids play video games for ten minutes a day, while Marissa had her manny move out so she could spend more time with her son herself.

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