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Husband Compiles Wife's Oddball Texts Into One Hilarious Collage

Some of these are NSFW.

If you want to know what true love looks like, just ask to see a happily married couple's text messages.

After receiving some interesting messages from his wife over the last year, David Van Beveren decided to share her random musings with the Internet for all the world to enjoy.

David Van Beveren and his wife Samantha.
David Van Beveren and his wife Samantha.

"I'd receive random texts or just funny texts in general during conversations we'd have together," Van Beveren told HuffPost in an email. "[I] figured it would be neat to go post a year's worth of noteworthy texts for our friends to see."

The screenshots of his wife's messages below prove that love in the digital age can all at once be:


A screenshot of one of Samantha's texts.
A screenshot of one of Samantha's texts.

Brutally honest...

Samantha sent these text messages to David over the course of a year.
Samantha sent these text messages to David over the course of a year.

And totally NSFW...

Some of the texts are pretty NSFW.
Some of the texts are pretty NSFW.

Van Beveren was inspired to share these hilarious messages after Samantha, who sometimes writes her own webcomics for reddit, sent him a text that exclaimed, "IM A KOALA," he told The Huffington Post.

Initially, Van Beveren wanted to post his wife's random musing to Facebook with the caption, "This is my wife, everyone," but then decided that it would be funnier to share all of her absurd messages at once. So he started digging through their entire text message history.

After going through a year's worth of hilariously random texts, he compiled the best ones into the collage below:

Although the pair spend a lot of time together, Van Beveren, an entrepreneur who works mostly from his home office, says his wife often sends messages to his phone in an attempt to get his attention while the two are hanging out.

"We're attached at the hip, but sometimes while working, I get really engrossed in my work and so verbal communication sort of just flies over my head," Van Beveren told HuffPost. "Texts, however, go straight to my screen."

When Samantha found out that he published her texts online, "she loved it, albeit was very embarrassed," Van Beveren said. "But she loved the fact that she was able to make some people laugh."

And that's what made Van Beveren fall in love with his wife in the first place.

"We met in college through a mutual friend back in 2011. We immediately fell in love with each other's sense of humor [which is] more often than not a bit deranged," he told HuffPost. "We've been together for almost five years now and have no regrets since."

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