That Moment The Wi-Fi Freezes As Your Teammate Leads An Olympic Final


Damn you, spinning wheel of death.

British Olympians almost missed out on seeing their teammate Adam Peaty win gold at Rio 2016, after their Wi-Fi froze.

Team GB members were watching a live-stream of his 100-meter breaststroke final on a TV at their holding camp Sunday when, with Peaty just 10 meters from Olympic glory, the connection suddenly cut out.

Here’s how they reacted:

Many screamed out in disbelief as the buffering wheel started whirling on the screen.

While some just shouted out, “Oh, my God,” others urged for calm by saying the feed would shortly return.

Luckily, the connection came back just in time for them to witness Peaty secure Britain’s first gold medal at this year’s games, and smash the world record for the event in a time of 57.13 seconds.

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