WikiLeaks RETURNS: Website Takes New Approach After Being Forced Offline

WikiLeaks DOWN: Website Goes Offline Again

WikiLeaks has returned roughly six hours after it was forced offline, but it's got a new address. The website's primary host in the United States pulled the plug after "mass attacks," according to WikiLeaks. Now the organization appears to be back online as instead of

They made the announcement via Twitter, saying "WikiLeaks moves to Switzerland."

Before the incident on Thursday night, WikiLeaks was booted from Amazon servers on Dec. 1, causing a brief outage, and tonight it went down again. The site had migrated to Swedish servers, per the AP.

The WikiLeaks Twitter account (@WikiLeaks) initially took a while to respond to the outage, but finally spoke up, stating "WikiLeaks,org domain killed by US after claimed mass attacks."

The DNS outage meant that the domain name was down worldwide.

The Pentagon said Wednesday it could take down WikiLeaks if it wanted to, but to that point had decided against it. There have been reports that Russia is interested in shutting the site down.

This is a developing story. Follow the latest WikiLeaks updates below.

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