WikiLeaks Files Stored In 'James Bond' Style Bunker In Swedish Mountain (VIDEO)

Amazon may have dumped WikiLeaks from its computer servers earlier this week, but now Julian Assange is taking inspiration from one of cinema's iconic rogue heroes by reportedly moving some of his site's confidential files into a nuclear bunker in Sweden.

According to MIT's Technology Review, a good portion of Wikileaks' servers have been moved to the "Pionen" White Mountains data center owned by Swedish broadband provider Bahnhof. As part of the move, the files are now being stored 30 meters underground in a Cold War-style facility encased in bedrock, not far from downtown Stockholm.

With its "floating" conference room and backup generators taken from German submarines, the site recalls scenes from a "James Bond" movie -- and aptly so, as Bahnhof CEO Jon Karlung says Ian Fleming's trademark character was just one of his company's inspirations in creating the super-secure facility.

Having previously hosted WikiLeaks, Karlung told Forbes in August he is proud of his association with Assange. "The Internet should be an open source for freedom of speech, and the role of an ISP is to be a neutral technological tool of access, not an instrument for collecting information from customers," he said.

Watch video of WikiLeaks' new home via CNN here: