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Wikileaks Founding Fathers: Caveat Lector

The GOP and Tea Party better look out. Wikileaks has gained access to classified documents written by the nation's founding fathers.
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While the Pentagon and much of the mainstream media are focusing on learning what Wikileaks will release next, Julian Assange may have a surprise for them.

Several sources, who remained anonymous because they knew nothing about it, say Assange's crew has found a way to break into the National Archives and Library of Congress.

The GOP and Tea Party better look out.

Wikileaks has gained access to classified documents written by the nation's founding fathers.

Shocking is an understatement for what Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, George Washington and the others had proposed for a future America.

First, Franklin was clearly a socialist. He founded the fire department and library system. One redacted essay suggests he thought all Americans should be entitled to health care.

It is true that the founding fathers uniformly supported the right of patriots to possess guns. Indeed, one unsigned essay notes that Roman soldiers were required to provide their own weapons.

However, several of those who helped create this great nation, said that allowing the possession of bullets was a separate issue that local governments should decide for themselves.

Thomas Jefferson, a slave owner who planned to release his upon his death, recognized that slavery would end one day. He wrote that provisions should be made for that time. Jefferson believed slaves be given boat fare to take them back to their homelands.

Their children, if born on American soil, could stay.

A Latin scholar, Jefferson did make one suggestion that later became law. He said that rather than insist that citizenship be based entirely on jus sanguinis (blood), those born on U.S. Soil would be entitled to become citizens based on jus soli (by birth on U.S. Territory).

Apparently he became aware of the distinction when he visited fickle France, a nation that accepted jus soli.

As for the founding fathers being devoted Christians, it isn't even necessary to look at the Wikileaks documents.

Both Jefferson and Franklin were on record as being against Christianity.

Jefferson wrote his own Bible, editing out all the miracles and mysticism.

"I began to be regarded, by pious souls, with horror, either as an apostate, or an athiest," Franklin said.

An intensive search of these aging parchment documents turned up no trace of any founding father wanting to limit the consumption of liquor. Apparently when that amendment was passed in 1920 there was no Sarah Palin around.

In fact, women led the temperance campaign because they had seen their families impoverished by drunkenness.

*Note on women. They apparently were not even considered as potential voters.

Equally distressing is the fact that some documents indicate the fathers were serious about protecting people from unreasonable search and seizure. Several wrote that at the very least a court-approved search warrant

As to whether this information should be made available, the answer is obvious. Let Google scan everything and make it available online.

Then Americans wouldn't have to rely on an Australian.