WikiLeaks Is OUR Valerie Plame

WikiLeaks is locked in a deadly game of politics in the name of good, with blatant disregard to the very collateral damage they espouse to despise. By revealing Valerie Plame, former Vice President Cheney, during the reign of Bush II, bears the brunt of nuclear proliferation, and the loss of human life. Sadly, we will never know how many perished, or were harmed by these actions because of national security. And just like Bush II and Cheney, WikiLeaks has anointed themselves Crusaders, and we didn't even vote to elect them.

It is outrageous that this organization has put us at such significant risk. We liberals must stop celebrating these leaks as revelations. The actions of WikiLeaks are audacious. They are ill prepared to review thousands of classified documents that could jeopardize our military, the good citizens of Afghanistan and the rest of the world. What happens if they miss a name or a code word? Do they care how many could potentially be harmed or die? Or is that just collateral damage in the name of good, or what WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and crew decide is good? These mistakes could aid the wholesale lunacy of the big, bad Taliban. Do we really want to sleep with this enemy? I think not. It's horrific that the former administration sacrificed nukes for their oil agenda. Yet now WikiLeaks has the potential to be far more heinous than anything Bush and Cheney dreamed up in the name of this country. And what they did was not good.

WikiLeaks is OUR Valerie Plame on steroids. Assange, Schmitt and Pvt. Manning and whoever else is involved in all their sanctimonious arrogance have the ability to do more harm than the US military ever could in this lifetime. This is the tipping point. Having those 76,900 documents released on the Internet has not helped us. In fact, it has done harm. Releasing still more uncensored information will be like dropping the atomic bomb on Afghanistan, Iraq and maybe Iran. It reveals a callous disregard for human life, and rivals that of Cheney and Bush II, who by the way, should have been tried for war crimes. Liberals, Daniel Ellsberg -- this is not the Pentagon Papers or Vietnam. None of this has helped us. In fact, it will bury us because no one (read my lips) gets to play King Solomon in the name of journalism, not even for a Pulitzer.

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