Wilco 'The Whole Love' Trailer Involves A Whole Lot Of Shredding

Wilco Releases A Trailer For

We're almost there. Wilco put out a trailer for their forthcoming The Whole Love, and it will wake you up quicker than an espresso shot.

The clip shows the band hard at work in their studio (some harder than others -- Jeff Tweedy takes it all in from the couch), recording "Art of Almost." It clocks in at only a minute 35 seconds, but with all the shredding Nels Cline is doing, it feels like a lot more.

The last we heard from the band was when they released "I Might," a considerably poppier track than what we're hearing here, but with that trademark shredding still registering in the background. We also got to hear Tweedy on his own when he sang a Deerhoof song, "Behold a Marvel in the Darkness," for the band's split seven-inch series of collaborative singles.

We'll get The Whole Love on Sept. 27.

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