"Wild Canaries" Cast Serves Up Comedy-Suspense at SXSW

Jason Ritter, Alia Shawkat and Lawrence Michael Levine stopped by the Samsung Blogger Lounge at SXSW 2014 to talk with What's Trending about their latest film "Wild Canaries."

The film is described as a "comedy-suspense film" according to director Lawrence Michael Levine. The plot centers around the potential murder of a couple's elderly neighbor. In an attempt to find truth, the couple, played by Levine and his real-life wife Sophia Takal, don their trench coats and shades and become amateur sleuths.

Indiewire gave a positive review of the film, stating that it "transcends the clichés of NYC hipster comedies."

"The idea that I would ever be doing anything "hip" is strange to me," Levine said.

Apart from movie chat, Alia Shawkat answered "Arrested Development" rumors and Jason Ritter talked about his Charles Mansion transformation in his upcoming role.

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