Kids' Morning Hair: Anna's Bed Head And More Photos Of The Wildest Kid Hair

Five-year-old Anna Olson from Denver, Colorado goes about her day with pretty pigtails or has her hair pulled back neatly in a barrette. But at night, something quite unbelievable happens to those lovely golden strands of hair.

It's bed head, like you've never seen before.

This little girl's particular version of morning hair is, in fact, so remarkable that her mother Lesley, started a Tumblr documenting what Anna looks like when she first gets up.

"I'm not sure if it's the baby-fine texture or its length, but she wakes up with this crazy head of hair pretty much every single morning," Lesley told The Huffington Post. "My best guess is that it's her sleeping style that's largely to blame. Some mornings when I go to wake to her, she'll be completely under the covers, upside down, half-way down the bed."

Look at some of the most hilarious photos of Anna's bedhead below and see more on Tumblr. Despite what the photos may suggest, Lesley says that this wild hair is somewhat easy to tame -- mom just needs a solid stock of detangler in the house.

Plus, we're betting more than a few other parents have seen kids wake up with hilarious hair. Snap a photo of what your child looks like first thing in the morning and add it to the slideshow below!

Kids' Craziest Bed Heads