'Wild Man': From Kate Bush's '50 Words Of Snow' (VIDEO)

The ethereal British artist Kate Bush hasn't produced anything new since 2007, when she wrote a single song, "Lyra," for "The Golden Compass" movie (we're not counting Bush's recycling of her own work in this year's Director's Cut). So today is momentous for admirers of Bush rock. The first track off her upcoming 50 Words Of Snow is circulating ahead of its digital release tomorrow. The track, called "Wild Man," is classic Bush, all ghostly orchestration and pinched vocals, and the album itself is an intriguing triumphant return: Elton John, and, oddly, comedian Stephen Fry, appear on several tracks. You can listen to the full seven-minute album version of "Wild Man" at the disco naivete tumblr, or to the BBC radio edit below. 50 Words Of Snow is due out Nov. 21.