Wild Theories About Bill's Unconscious Need To Sabotage Hillary Don't Look So Wild Now

I haven't been the only one to speculate along these lines, but I was one of the first to lay it out. Originally, I was just funning, enjoying the latitude of a blog post, free associating into a possibility that could never be confirmed.

But yikes. This latest feels like confirmation. This extended blunder feels like more than a blunder. Not just the lies about how it was late at night on the one occasion when Hillary told the tall tale about sniper fire in Bosnia--not just that; he actually goes about Hillary's age and how all of us aging boomers know how easily we get confused.

Given the ancient McCain on the one hand and the youthful Obama on the other--there is literally no more destructive issue, on a personal level, that he could possibly have raised.

Time for the professional shrinks to weigh in.