College Filmmaker Turns His Lens On The Natural Beauty We Often Take For Granted

Nat Geo WILD's second annual "Wild To Inspire" short film competition is underway.

The Huffington Post is featuring each of the four finalists selected, and the winner will be announced in March. All of the films showcase stunning images of the wild world around us in line with this year's theme: Destination Wild.

College student Jake Lamons spent two weeks shooting his entry, "Northern," to showcase the beauty of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Lamons turns his lens on the natural world around us that we can often take for granted in an era of overdevelopment and deforestation.

"Northern" features some of the stunning vistas surrounding Northern Michigan University, home to nearly 40 lighthouses and part of the largest state forest system in the Eastern U.S.

Watch Lamons' film above. You can check out the other films, including Filipe DeAndrade's short, "Adapt," and Alex Goetz's film "Living Isle," here.



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