Wild Turkey Troop Goes Bonkers On The Mailman, And It Happens Every Day

This fowl behavior just won't fly.

When your job as a mail carrier involves fending off a group of angry birds each day, it might be time to quit cold turkey.

On Saturday, Reddit user JTW24 posted a video of a mailman in Falmouth, Massachusetts, being terrorized by a rogue turkey posse to a thread called "My local mailman has to carry a big stick, because every day he is mercilessly hunted down and attacked."

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 5 under the profile CapeCodeWave, currently has more than a million views

In the video, the mail carrier fends off up to five birds at a time. At one point, viewers can hear someone mutter the words "every day," as in, that's how often this poor man has to deal with these birdbrained bullies.

The group has also been spotted blocking traffic and storefronts.

According to the Reddit poster's responses to user questions on the thread, the turkeys are very hard to capture, as this video of an attempted catch shows.

If nothing else, these turkeys are proof that snail mail service is for the birds.

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