Wildly Realistic Fallen Angel Sculpture Will Haunt Your Dreams

So. Damn. Realistic.

Not since John Travolta's awkward portrayal of Archangel Michael in Nora Ephron's 1996 fantasy/drama of the same name have we been so unnerved by a fallen angel. For this, we have Chinese artist duo Sun Yuan and Peng Yu to thank.

The two have created a sculpture so realistic it rivals Paul McCarthy's (also terrifying) sculptural self-portrait. The hyperrealistic work, titled "Angel," uses silica gel, fiberglass and human hair to visualize what it would look like if an angel from the heavens above crash landed here on Earth. And it looks like an old man with chicken wings in a white dress. 

The work, although originally made in 2007, has been making the rounds online this week after it was recently installed in Beijing. The artists, however, who have been collaborating since the 1990s, are no strangers to controversy.

As explained in a statement by the Hammer Museum: "Sometimes creating a direct confrontation with their viewers, their works often tap into common fears and anxieties and challenge particular worldviews. They tease out these issues by placing their viewers in the midst of strange situations: a self-propelled garbage dumpster that crashes into gallery walls, lifelike sculptures of elderly world leaders in wheelchairs bumping into one another, and a tall column comprised of human fat removed during plastic surgeries, to describe a few."

Ah, yes, they've also used baby cadaver specimens in their work. 

Behold the heavenly freakiness and prepare to hide under your covers for the rest of time. 

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