Wilfer Bohorquez Rojo Accused Of Smuggling Heroin In Scotch Bottles

Man Tries To Smuggle Heroin In Scotch Bottles

Wilfer Bohorquez Rojo was arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport with nearly $700,000 worth of smuggled heroin on New Year's Eve, MyCentralJersey.com reports.

Rojo, 53, of Miami, had flown from Medellin, Colombia to New Jersey, where he was selected by U.S. Customs and Borders Protection for a bag screening. The search uncovered 25 pounds of heroin, some hidden in four bottles of Chivas Royal Salute.

He was handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and faces federal narcotics smuggling charges.

Illegal drugs are not rare findings at airports. In December, a woman was caught trying to smuggle cocaine in her dreadlocks. Another woman, also trying to smuggle cocaine, was apprehended in Boston after having swallowed one pound of the drug. In September, 520 pounds of a meth-making chemical were seized at LAX.

That same month, a man from Colombia was accused of smuggling cocaine in shampoo bottles.

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