Will Aerial Drone Photography Tours Catch On?

Many serious amateur photographers go on photography tours of foreign countries. Many are now looking to expand into video. The most dramatic way to do so is with aerial photography.

I recently attended a workshop put on by Karl Grobl and Patrick Firouzian of Jim Cline Photo Tours in Cambodia. The course was divided into class room instruction, hands-on use of aerial drones, recording of video, and post-production use of video software to edit and produce a final product. This is my first aerial photography video.

The drone I used was a DJI Mavic Pro. The editing software I used was Final Cut Pro X. The video below is the product of three days’ work.

The ability to elevate the camera at will is a dimension that handheld cameras cannot accomplish. In addition, the gimbal of the drone adds stability to the video that handheld DSLRs cannot meet. The first time I saw the video from the Mavic Pro I was impressed with both the stability and resolution. The drone camera records in full 4K.

I hope the future brings many multiday aerial photography tours in many spots of the world.

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