Will Banksy Appear At The Oscars? (POLL)

Banksy has been making appearances all over Los Angeles in recent weeks in the form of stenciled street art, but it remains unknown whether the mysterious artist will show up to the Oscars.

Academy officials have been debating how to handle a potential Banksy appearance and the potential circus act that might accompany it.

Steve Pond reported that Academy director Tom Sherak declared if Banksy was unwilling to reveal his identity, then the Academy isn't comfortable with having him on the stage and "that it would not be dignified for the Academy to have somebody come up wearing a monkey's head."

Sherak soon back-peddled, stating should Banksy-related shenanigans occur this Sunday, "I'm not gonna stand up to stop him. Nobody is, that's not what we do. Would this be fun? I guess to some people."

Some people include the Academy's executive director, Bruce Davis, who said, "The fun but disquieting scenario is if that film wins and five guys in monkey masks come to the stage all saying, 'I'm Banksy!' Who the hell do we give it to?"