Will Donald Trump Get Fired at the Next Republican Debate?

The December 15, Republican debate on CNN will take place at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. This one promises to be a potential game changer between the candidates, especially after the bloody attacks in Paris and San Bernardino and the inflammatory rhetoric that it has spawned. These events have also transformed the race into heated debates ranging from how to defeat ISIS, to xenophobic remarks against Muslims, to the urgent need for Republicans to find a way to dump Donald Trump.

With Trump's recent comments about banning all Muslims from entering the US (even servicemen serving abroad at one point) he has come under heavy fire from many groups, including the RNC, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Minority leader Harry Reid, numerous religious groups, and even criticism from abroad from an official spokesman of the British Prime Minister.

This debate could dramatically shift which candidate, ultimately, wins the GOP presidential nomination. The candidates will, no doubt, be contentious, focusing on derailing the front-runner, Donald Trump. The stakes are high, especially after Trump tweeted on December 8 about the possibility of running as an independent if pushed too far. His message to Republican handlers was clear: attack at your own risk.

Pundits have weighed in on what they think will be happening with these candidates. But for a unique political perspective on what to expect at this next debate, it's time to look at the Republican candidates from an astrological perspective. What do their Horoscopes say will be the outcome of this debate?

So, my brilliant astrology colleague, Leslie Hale and I, looked at the candidates' horoscopes and have prepared this report for you with a prediction of winners and losers for this next debate. Since Trump leads the pack by a wide margin, let's look at his horoscope and how it's likely to affect his performance in the upcoming debate.

Donald Trump's Horoscope

The placement of Donald Trump's Sun in Gemini shows him to be someone with charisma and leadership qualities, who thinks big and likes to move forward with promises of bold action. He has natural luck in his chart with Jupiter (i.e. luck) in his second house of making money, making a very positive aspect to Uranus in the tenth house of his career, showing his ability to make money through an unusual, exciting and changeable career. This includes success in TV, (e.g. his television show, The Apprentice) since Uranus rules television and broadcast media.

But, more negatively, his horoscope clearly shows his propensity to polarize public opinion in an effort to bring attention to himself and boost the ratings of his campaign, as if it were a reality TV show. This is why he is always ready to make flamboyant statements that will make him the center of attention, and willing to stir up controversy with personal attacks.

With three fire signs dominant, especially Mars in Leo, Trump is endowed with strong will, self- confidence and enthusiasm, and an inclination toward feeding his ego and achieving results at any cost. His downside is a lack of patience, boldness that can end up being seen as a bullying others or taking foolish risks that can taint his achievements and ideas in the long run.

With his "communication" planet, Mercury in Cancer in his 10th house, Trump has the ability to sway the public with his speeches and appeal to a crowd in a highly emotional way. But his undoing is that his Mercury (i.e. communicating and speaking) negatively aspects his Neptune (i.e. dishonesty and deception). Mercury-Neptune individuals have the propensity to stretch the truth, (e.g. "I saw thousands of Muslims were celebrating 911!"), even make up facts, and see things in a distorted manner. Some of them, like Trump, are very comfortable lying.

This is a very telling planetary aspect in the chart of a politician, because it tests their ability to tell the truth or see reality for what it is. Bill Clinton has a Mercury-Neptune conjunct ("I did not have sexual relations with that woman!"), and Richard Nixon had an opposition to these planets ("I had no role in the Watergate cover-up.")

Saturn and Venus in Trump's birth chart show his desperate need to be publically loved and admired. People with this type of horoscope, often put love and friendships on the back burner in favor of business, making money or obligations, and can easily detach and appear cold and calculating or experience problems with women (e.g. Trumps crude remarks towards Fox news commentator Megan Kelly).

It is this Venus-Saturn placement in his horoscope that creates his deep insecurity, which is why he constantly reminds everyone that he's "very rich," and very smart because he "went to Wharton". The real motivation behind these pronouncements is his need to be loved by the masses.

The Donald Trump Show Has Been Cancelled

The summer of Trump was filled with wonderful Jupiter aspects in his horoscope bringing amazing luck and good fortunate to his presidential candidacy. What else could explain his ability to insult the whole U.S. Hispanic community ("They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists.") and attempt to discredit a war hero like John McCain ("I like people who weren't captured"), and still have his poll numbers skyrocket? Unfortunately, for Trump, the luck of Jupiter is gone from his chart. Now, his horoscope is filled with troubles and upsets as he heads into the December 15 debate.

His parade of problems began when a Mars-Uranus (i.e. impulsive anger) opposition fell on Trump's Jupiter, the week of December 6, igniting a firestorm over his remarks about Muslims. This negative astrology will be in effect at the time of the debate and still close enough to guarantee he will be harshly criticized by other candidates who see this opportunity as a now or never time to discredit his ideas. Look for more Trump takedowns on that Las Vegas stage than you'll see at a NCAA collegiate wrestling tournament.

As the Sun opposes his Sun on December 15, he faces stiffer competition from the other candidates about his ideas than ever before. Mercury is negatively aspected in his horoscope, indicating he will have difficulties getting his ideas across and fully engaged in arguments with both candidates and CNN moderators.

Even worse, on debate night, Saturn is opposing the mid heaven of Trump's chart (i.e. his career). This astrology suggests that the defeat of his ideas and plans will have grave consequences for his political future.

Look for Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz to Steal the Show

Because the time clock is running out, expect all the Republican candidates to be angry, indignant and ready to fight to assert their dominance in the pack and move up in the polls.

After reviewing the horoscopes of the top candidates, two are likely to shine on debate night. The first candidate to watch is Jeb Bush. It's crunch time for Jeb. Fortunately for him, his fortunate horoscope could help him make a comeback in Las Vegas. Saturn (i.e. wisdom and leadership) makes a very positive aspect to his Venus (likeable and relatable). Voters will see him in a favorable light as being "the wise adult in the room."

If he takes advantage of his positive astrology, there is a chance he can turn things around and climb back up in the polls. But this fortunate window of time in his horoscope will not repeat itself.

While Cruz, will no doubt, bring his Harvard debating skills to the debate, he will be blessed with an exceptional gift of communication and likeability as Venus (i.e. fortunate social connections) makes a lucky aspect to Mercury (i.e. communication) and Jupiter (i.e. wisdom, fellowship and religion). Thanks to a strong debate performance, he will further build his following, enabling him to raise more money for his campaign.

Prediction: Like a pack of wild hyenas, smelling their opportunity to kill "The Donald's" candidacy, expect the candidates to attack him as the wrong candidate to be President of the United States. Expect Trump to threaten breaking his agreement with the RNC and running as an Independent.

Winner of Debate: Ted Cruz with Jeb Bush in 2nd place.

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