Will Ferrell & 7-Eleven Offer A 'Cup With A Cause'

Will Ferrell has used his impressive artistic abilities to design a winter-themed cup for 7-Eleven's charity drive, Coffee Cup With A Cause.

Slashfood reports that Ferrell has joined other celebrities, like Jennifer Hudson and Snoop Dogg, in the caffeinated campaign that donates proceeds to individual charities of choice. Ferrell's nonprofit, College for Cancer, will get $250,000 from the snowman design, and profit from each coffee purchased until Jan. 3, 2011.

Ferrell discussed the decision to draw a snowman on

it was a very shrewd marketing tool on my behalf. I knew these cups were going to be out for the holidays and what's better than a snowman? And you can tell that I drew that. Fortunately or unfortunately, you can tell that I drew it.


Visit Cancer for College to donate to Ferrell's charity of choice.