Will Ferrell And Molly Shannon Cover The Royal Wedding As 'Cord And Tish'

They should cover everything.

Comedians Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon blessed us all back in January when their characters Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan hosted the 2018 Rose Parade. The parody of vapidly chipper live-TV commentators is one they both seem born to play.

On Saturday morning, they covered the royal wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle for HBO. And it was so much better than the real thing.

Let’s start with the couple’s kiss in front of the public, where Cord and Tish lose their damn minds.

During a procession of horses, Cord reveals that he’s afraid of the animals.

“Everything about them makes me nervous,” Cord says. “Their round feet, their wet noses, their bigness.”

Tish jumps in to help her colleague by trying a little exposure therapy, showing him a small horse figurine to help him become more comfortable around the beasts. It didn’t go well.

Cord had another awkward moment when the newlyweds were expected to emerge from the church and he jumped the gun on popping the Champagne.

“I just got too darn excited!” he said.

HBO will be showing an encore of Cord and Tish’s royal wedding coverage Saturday night at 9:45 p.m. Eastern. If you missed it the first time, do yourself a favor and watch.

We’re hoping to see Cord and Tish cover the world’s big events for years to come.



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