Will Ferrell As George W. Bush Responds To Osama Bin Laden's Death, Sort Of (VIDEO)

When news broke that Osama bin Laden had been found and killed by Navy Seals, the one person everyone wanted to hear react was George W. "smoke 'em out of their holes" Bush. We also wanted to hear the former President's reaction, but were honestly more excited for the parodies that would undoubtedly come first.

You might have seen the first Bush reaction parody we posted, but now the best Bush impersonator there is has come around to making one: Will Ferrell!

In this announcement for Funny Or Die, Bush addresses the nation at the Sizzler steakhouse on Canyon Ranch Road in Texas, because of course. When he announces that he's finally killed what has been terrorizing him for years, however, he's not exactly talking about Osama bin Laden.

No, Bush has been battling a terrorist altogether unknown by the rest of America: a backyard gopher making a ruckus about 100 yards north of the hot tub area on his ranch. In case you were wondering, yes he did name the gopher. He named it Ardilla, "because that's Spanish for gopher, and it's also real fun to say."