Will Ferrell's Interview Room Baffles Conan. 'What Is Happening Here?'

The "Eurovision Song Contest" star talked to Conan O'Brien from a surprising location.

Conan O’Brien’s interview with Will Ferrell on Monday focused less on what the actor was saying than where he was saying it.

O’Brien noticed during their virtual chat that Ferrell’s surroundings seemed more austere than one might expect of a big-box-office comedy star.

“That looks like the office that a manager would have at a construction site,” O’Brien observed. “What’s happening here?”

“I am in one of those mini-trailers that you see on a construction site, with no windows, just a weird door and bad wood paneling,” Ferrell replied.

The “Talladega Nights” actor called his space “a little offshoot, a little office here.”

O’Brien wondered aloud if Ferrell was moonlighting, and Ferrell played along.

“I gotta have a crane by Tuesday,” Ferrell barked. “We talked about this.”

Watch the interview above and learn how Pierce Brosnan, who plays Ferrell’s disappointed father in the new Netflix movie, “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga,” coped while everybody else puked their guts out during a boating scene.

And prepare for Ferrell’s signature reveal of his doughy midsection as well.

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