Will Ferrell And Kevin Hart Were Men Of The People Of SXSW

We don't even want to know what's on that mixtape of "Kevin's Boner Jams."

Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell took to the streets of Austin this week to promote their movie "Get Hard" at South By Southwest. What ensued is a reel of face-to-face interactions with common folk who, for the most part, get totally messed with by the comedians.

From trying (and failing) to guess people's names to quizzing people about "Soul Plane" and the G.D.P., bumping into Hart and "Smith" (yes, someone actually thought Will Ferrell was Will Smith) was a treat that only a few SXSW-goers got to experience.

The rest of the people who attended just had to settle for one of the free bars of soap (real subtle, guys) that were given out by Funny or Die in the name of "Get Hard."



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