Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy Calls Real NHL Game And It's Puckin' Funny

The "Anchorman" returned to action to weird up a Los Angeles Kings match.

Stay classy, Los Angeles Kings.

The NHL team sits in last place of the Pacific Division but it got a shot in the arm Thursday from Will Ferrell in character as dopey newscaster Ron Burgundy.

Burgundy called part of the game for Fox Sports West at “Stap-less Center,” er, Staples Center, as the Kings hosted the San Jose Sharks.

Even though he last appeared in an “Anchorman” movie in 2013 (but does have a new podcast), Burgundy remains as funny as ever. He didn’t even need the actual action on the ice to make his own call on a goal.

“Put that baby to bed without a diaper!” he exclaimed.

He made out with a burrito on the kiss cam, too. It was a busy night. Check out the highlights below:




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