Don't Ask Exotic Animal Expert Will Ferrell About 'Zoolander 2'

The actor only wanted to show off his "Peruvian mongoose" on Sunday night's "Late Show."

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" managed to book the newest and hottest exotic "animal expert" on the rare mammal circuit Sunday night: Will Ferrell. 

Ferrell noticed that the show didn't have an animal expert yet and decided to "step in and fill the gap" during the coveted post-Super Bowl segment because, hey, he's Will Ferrell. Why not. 

He brought with him a bunch of "rare" animals including  a "short-spined Peruvian mongoose" that looked suspiciously like a kitten, a "Mongolian bush tiger" that looked suspiciously like a Guinea pig, and many other rare animals that looked suspiciously like your third grade classroom pet. 

And in lieu of answering any of Colbert's questions about the much-anticipated release of "Zoolander 2" on Friday, Ferrell only wanted to show off his slew of furry friends. 

In reality, the comedian really is somewhat of an exotic animal expert: Ferrell has a precious collection of rare birds believed to be worth roughly $7.8 million. 

"He has giant cages on his property filled with different tropical birds, and these are the kind of birds that will bite you, that you have to be careful with, but when it's him, they just fly right to his arm," his pal Adam McKay told HuffPost Live last month. 

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