Will Ferrell On 'The Office': Deangelo Vickers, Michael Scott Awkwardly Meet (VIDEO)

WATCH: Will Ferrell Makes His 'Office' Debut

Thursday night was an epic one for "The Office" and sit-coms in general: Will Ferrell began his four-episode arc as Deangelo Vickers, the character we've been waiting to see emerge for months. And so far, most thumbs are up.

We don't want to spoil it for you (you can watch the full episode here) but Vickers' first impression showed us these next four episodes are going to be interesting. As a boss Vickers is confident yet goofy like many of Ferrell's characters (and Michael Scott) but with a mean streak Michael Scott just doesn't have.

With Carell's last episode airing April 28, we've got three more episodes of Ferrell goodness to go. We're looking forward to the big season finale, and can't wait to see who the next replacement boss will be. Watch the meeting of the managers below.


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