Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee Ads In Sweden Hit The Web (VIDEOS)

WATCH: Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee Ads Go Overseas

Will Ferrell is taking a practical joke farther than we ever thought possible.

Last September, Will Ferrell filmed some commercials for Old Milwaukee beer for no fee, simply because he felt like it. The ads appeared with little fanfare in Iowa and the Internet didn't catch on for a few weeks. The quietly absurd ads eventually made their way to the Super Bowl telecast -- but only in Nebraska markets.

Now, YouTube has caught some more ads from a location even more remote: Sweden. (Ferrell's wife is Swedish, and the "Anchorman" actor spends his summers in the country with his family.)

The videos were uploaded to YouTube a few weeks ago, but have barely been noticed until now. Here are the four ads that have been posted for your viewing pleasure. For a guy whose website is one of the most popular destinations on the Internet, Ferrell seems just as content to sometimes let the Internet find him.

Will speaks Swedish on a boat.
Will tells a harrowing tale about his kidnapped wife.
Will rides on a bike, laughing maniacally.

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