Will Ferrell's Adorable Sons Upstage Him At 'Daddy's Home' Premiere

So cute!

Two of Will Ferrell's three sons stole the spotlight from their famous dad at the premiere of his latest movie, "Daddy's Home."  

Eight-year-old Mattias and 5-year-old Axel walked the red carpet alongside their dad and mom, Viveca Paulin, in New York City on Sunday. Mattias wore a sleek suit and bow tie, while Axel opted for a more casual look with jeans, a jacket and a black bow tie. 

Earlier this year, Ferrell's adorable family (including his eldest son, Magnus) attended the actor's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. After making a short speech about his star, Ferrell told his boys that they looked "like a million bucks." 

"You want to step up and take a tour around and show off your suits?" Ferrell reportedly joked with his sons. "Just take a little lap. Don't step on the star."


At the 2013 Emmys, Ferrell got the biggest laughs of the night by presenting with his three sons, joking that he "couldn't find child care." 

Adopt us, please? 


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