Will Forte Reads From Motley Crue's Autobiography (VIDEO)

Back in 2005 Bea Arthur roasted Pamela Anderson by reading the Playmate's book aloud. "I've just finished reading her new novel, 'Star Struck.' Very's a terrific book. The story concerns a blond very large breasted actress, surprisingly named Star, who becomes actively involved with a tattoo rocker and gets involved in a sex tape scandal, Pam where do you come up with this?!" She said, before launching into deeply NSFW sections of book.

Well, now it's Tommy Lee's turn. Pam's on-again-off-again lover and member of the band Motley Crue was honored by Will Forte recently in the exact same manner. Yes, Forte read a section of Motley Crue's book "The Dirt" that focused on Lee's "romance" with Heather Locklear:

"She wasn't the kind of chick that I could take back to the van like Bullwinkle, or have group sex with in a jacuzzi like Honey. No she was a real woman, a good girl, and more famous than me."


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