Will God Still Bless America if We Despoil the Earth?

During his State of the Union speech, President Bush said: "Human life is a gift from our Creator -- and that gift should never be discarded, devalued or put up for sale." But to sustain human life we need fresh air, clean water, as well as plants and animals, too. I am sure the president would agree that as stewards of creation we have to care for all life on this planet and match our words with our deeds. Mr. President, your policies are doing the opposite of what you declared so important last night. You are discarding the scientific conclusions of your NASA staff who have said that we have less than 10 years to slow global warming before we are facing a "different planet". You are devaluing pristine wilderness by drilling in Alaska for a supply of oil that will do nothing to help break our addiction to oil. And you have put up for sale our planet's future by continuing to do nothing to slow carbon emissions. Raising fuel economy standards would be the single most powerful thing you could do to start weaning Americans off of oil and reduce global warming pollution at the same time. Why not issue an executive order doing so tomorrow?

Will God still bless America if her mountains are carved away, her prairies despoiled, her oceans polluted, and her climate forever altered? Please Mr. President, do your best to cherish and care for all of creation.