LATINO VOICES Teams Up With Mexican Singer Joan Sebastian For New Single 'Hey You' (VIDEO)

Hey you! A new, renovated (and kind of unexpected) duet between Mexican traditional music singer Joan Sebastian and music producer and member of the Black Eyed Peas,, has just arrived.

The creation of the single "Hey You" was first announced last year. However, at the beginning of the week a video of a new club version emerged through social platforms. iIn this version both artist are seen singing, playing music and just spending time together. visited Mexico City in February 2012 to met with Sebastian, enjoy a wrestling match and discuss their musical collaboration, Notimex reports.

In an interview with Mexican daily El Universal last year, Sebastian explained that he got to know more about thanks to his sons who live in the U.S. The American singer was apparently an open fan of the Mexican artist for several years and had been meaning to record a song with him for some time.

" grew up in East Los Angeles, soaked in our Mexican music. He was friends with my sons, and he often had let me know he would like to make some collaboration together," Sebastian said to Notimex.

It is expected that the single, in which the Mexican star sings in English, will be part of his new album in stores in June.

Take a look at Joan Sebastian collaboration with above.