Will.i.am Accused Of Stealing New Song 'Let's Go,' And 10 Other Examples Of Alleged Copyright Infringement In Music

It's said that all great artists get their inspiration from other great artists, and will.i.am is one of many who have been accused of taking too much. His most recent crime -- allegedly stealing a track from house producers Mat Zo and Arty for his new single "Let's Go" -- is only one of a handful of incidents in which the Black Eyed Peas singer has encountered plagiarism claims.

He's also only one entry on a long list of popular musical acts whose originality has been called into question. Even the most iconic artists, including Madonna, Radiohead and Led Zeppelin, have been slammed with copyright-infringement claims, and many haven't emerged victorious. Here's a look at 10 prominent artists who've battled accusations of musical fraud.

Songs Allegedly Stolen From Other Artists