iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 Blended: New 'Will It Blend' Smashes Smartphones To Smithereens (VIDEO)

Most people have a lot of questions when deciding what smart phone to buy, especially when you're choosing between two competing models like the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3, but "Which will blend faster?" is typically low down on the list.

Not for blender company Blendtec, which has made it a point to show that their powerful blender can take anything — even iPads and XBoxes.

In their latest video from a series they call, "Will it blend?", a maniacal test doctor named "Tom" drops one of each phone into two separate blenders, then presses "go." You then watch in slow motion as the two phones start to break apart between the blades, then quickly turn into an ominous gray mist. When the contents are dumped out in the end, the two phones have all but been reduced to rubble and dust.

"They both look the same to me," says Tom, then noting that the real winner is, of course, the blender.

Blendtec has also blended an iPad, but not before smashing it to pieces — and if you've ever had tech troubles with one, watching it smashed to pieces is oddly satisfying.